About me

Hi, I am Kassie and this is my blog that combines two of my favorite things: Being a mother and fashion. When I was pregnant fashion kind of went out the window because of course there wasn't much to fit in and I wasn't going to spend a ton of moo-lah our maternity clothes. Then, after having my darling boy, I couldn't fit in a lot for a while either and was really wearing a lot of sweat pants and t-shirts. However, recently I've dropped some of the baby pounds and decided that just because I am a stay-at-home mom doesn't mean I have to dress down. So, here I am, trying to have some fun with the clothes in my closet. Mixing, matching, being creative. That's the main reason for this blog - so I will actually wear the clothes in my closet. Hope you enjoy... may you be inspired or inspire me! 

So what else is there to know about me?

I am married to a wonderful man, who heals my heart on a daily basis.

I love to curl up and read a good book.

I have some of the best friends, but none of my best friends are close in distance.

I am a Christian and believe that having a relationship with Christ is vital.

I love my family.

I majored in social work in college and even though I don't have a career,
 I believe social work can be done at home.

I'm apart of a church plant.

I want to have 5 babies. Yes, fivvveee.

I like making new friends, so um, lets be friends!