Monday, March 7, 2011

Been Feelin'

Tee shirt: Old Navy. Vest: Kohls. Belt: Kohls. Leggings:Walmart. Boots: Zappos.

Lately I've been feelin' skinny. I guess thats because I've lost some of my pregnancy weight. I am so thankful for that! Its sooo nice to look in my closet and not want to throw myself, crying, into my bed (yes, I have done that) because I cannot fit in a thing. I've been feelin' thankful too, for other things. I am thankful for a husband, who supports me and thankful for a growing baby. I am also thankful for forgiveness and reconciliation. The world would be a sad place without it. 

Speaking of baby... He is stylin' today too!

Isn't he adorable? Sometimes I could just die when it comes to his cuteness. Okay, not really, but sometimes his adorableness makes me giggle. I love that. 

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  1. ohmygosh! i so know how you feel! it took me months to lose the weight i gained with my B and getting dressed was so not on my priority list. i vow to have better maternity clothes next go round so that i'll feel semi cute when i have to wear them postpartum. fun , right? ;) AND: you DO look great, girly!:)