Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hello, hello

I have an obsession and it has to do with fashion blogs. I love to read them and spend a good amount of time looking for new ones and even more time drooling over the clothes I see on these blogs. I'd say its a good thing because its made me look at my closet and realize there is so much I can do with the clothes I already have, but at the same time it seriously makes me want more clothes (I am sure my husband would say I couldn't possibly have any more) or at least makes me want to rob the closets of my fashion bloggers around the world. Too bad I couldn't get away with it. I decided that since I love these blogs so much I should make my own fashion blog, plus I won't feel guilty spending a significant amount of my day looking at fashion blogs because then I will being doing it for inspiration and not because I have a problem (Righttt).

So, welcome to my fashion blog! I decided to entitle it "What would a mother wear" for a reasons. One being, I love being a stay at home mom. I believe its what I have been called to do, but just because I am a mother doesn't mean I can't have some fashion sense. Sweatpants and t-shirts are nice sometimes, but moms are allowed to have a little fun too! I hope you find something that you wish you could steal from my closet, but please don't try because that would be creepy! However, I may not be opposed to sharing.

I am sick (have been for days almost a month), meaning that I am not really fashionable lately. I've been more into sweatpants and tank tops. Therefore, I have nothing from my closet to share with you today, but I will share with you some things I want to try. Lets hope I'm brave enough.

Red lipstick. I love it, but am afraid that I may not be able to pull it off. The only time I've tried is Halloween. I've heard though that the only thing you need in order for it to work is confidence, so maybe I just need to slide some on my lips and act like it belongs there. I think so.

I feel like a belt scarf can pull a whole outfit together. I also feel like this is something that I may be uncomfortable with at first because I've never tried anything like this before, but I really like it. Scarves and a belt, what isn't to like?

I like heals. At least looking at them... on other women. I have exactly one pair, that I have worn...for five minutes. I want to wear them with everything: skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, and even shorts. However, I should learn to walk in them first, don't ya think?

I love skirts, but don't wear them often enough. I'm a huge fan of this one because its red and its a-line. Its just so pretty and bright. I will be on the look out for my skirts this weekend when husband and I go to the thrift store. Ohhhh, I'm excited!

I want more color in my life. Preferably on my legs. I always fall in love with outfits when I see a girl wearing brightly colored tights or leggings. Its just says something, such as, "I am afraid of nothing!" Or maybe it doesn't, but I still love it anyway. I have a red pair and a bright pink pair. They may be coming out to play soon.

What fashionable things do you want to try?


  1. Love this!! Such a cute idea! You go girl! You have an amazing fashion sense. You are so beautiful!

  2. Well, I hope you try all of the things you posted and actually be comfortable enough to incorporate them into your wardrobe. I never belted my scarves before I started looking at style blogs (in October) but now, I do it all the time. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!