Friday, March 11, 2011

I know I look young, BUT really?

Earrings: Target. Cami and tank top: Target. Cardigan:Kohls. Shorts:Forever21. Shoes:Toms. 

Its not even 50 degrees outside and I am wearing shorts. Its feels greattt (insert toby the tiger voice)! The other day James and I were at a thrift store, with Braden of course. We had a conversation with the lady checking us out. It went like this:

"Is that your baby?"
"Yes, it is."
"You look so young."
"How old do I look?"
                  "She's older than me." (husband)
          "How old are you?" (to me)
"Do you still get carded when you go out?"

Okay, I knew it was coming. Really. But at least tell me I look 17 or 18. 16 is just so young! It made me wonder how many people look at me and think I am that young and then shake their heads at the fact that I have a baby. No, I did not have a baby in high school! 

I think I just need to wear red lipstick all the time. Maybe it makes me look older or maybe it looks like I'm trying to be all grown up. Whatever, I know one day I will appreciate the "but you look so young!" comments. 


  1. oh man! i get that all.the.time. and especially from the lady as goodwill. those thrift store ladies are funny, huh? i kinda love telling people I've been married almost 4 years and have a kid though. they really look at me funny. ;) PS:I'd love to do the clothes mail thing with you! could you shoot me an email and we could figure out the details? thanks! so fun! :)

  2. a) love the outfit!
    b) I get that all the time too! Boo. I'm almost 25 and still get carded all the time... Well, not in Canada, because the drinking age is 19 where I live. Well, at least to them I look 19. :-) One day, when I'm 35 and people think I'm 27 I will be happy! :-)
    ps- I should go shopping with you sometime when I am back, you have such cute stuff!

  3. Ah! I get the same thing, too! I just wish people would keep their mouth shut, though. They always say that it will be a blessing when we're older!

    However, in the eyes of my students, I'm at least 30 (according to the wrinkles I have under my eye when I smile) so if I take the average of general public's opinion and my students', I look the age that I should!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with this!

  5. That is funny. You've gotta love looking young :)
    I am the same. Although, I never deal with getting carded when I am with my husband who is in fact two months younger than me but looks ten years older!
    You are cute. And are those TOMS I spot?? Very stylish :)

  6. Jess, my husband, of course looks older than me even though he is younger as well! People just look at him like he's robbed the cradle... :s

    And yes, those are TOMS! I love them...I didn't at first, but they have grown on me!