Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wrong way!

Earrings: Walmart. Coat: Wet Seal. Cardigan: Kohls. Shirt: Thrifted. Belt: Kohls. Shorts: Forever 21. Leggings: Walmart. Boots: Target.
You know those signs that say "Wrong Way" when your going on the highway, to warn people that they are indeed going the wrong way? Well, I feel like they should have those on the wrong side of the bed, to give you husband some warning in the morning. I totally got out on the wrong side of bed this morning. Maybe it was because my little one got up at 2:30 last night and I was exhausted. Maybe it was because I knew it was cold outside. Or maybe it was because I had to go to the dentist torturer today. The only solution to fix this was coffee and today is one of those days where I just wanted to open my mouth and pour the coffee right in, directly from the coffee maker. I didn't however, because well, that would burn! 

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better because I did get to drink some coffee and my little one was very talkative this morning, which brightened my morning a lot! Plus a play date! Yes, these are the things that get me out of bed in the, getting dressed all nice, to impress the tons of you who read this! ;) 

P.S. I know you can't see the bottom half of me in this picture, but know that the boots are black and they are comfy! 


  1. a) you are too cute
    b) you are TOO cute!

  2. Love your blog. It is fun and light-hearted!