Monday, May 2, 2011

Boys will be boys!

Earrings: Walmart. Pink Tank, t-shirt, under tank: Target. Jeans and shoes: Express.

Boys make me nervous.
Well, my boys anyway.
My husband makes me nervous when playing with Braden. 
He's rough, but not a rough that freaks Braden out.
Its a rough that makes him laugh so much and smile like crazy.
I wish it didn't make me so nervous.

I'm always just afraid Braden's going to get hurt.
I have horrible nightmares about it...
It never involves my husband hurting him, 
But just other falling from a high place 
or getting taken... 
I hate those nightmares.

On a lighter note...
We're at a hotel for the week...
Husband is doing some business.
He just left the room to get ice and was back within seconds.
He was like, "That was fast wasn't it?"
I said, "Yes."
And he said, "I've discovered I like running down hallways in hotels."

Apparently, I have two children. 
But it made me laugh!


  1. hahahahahahaha!! I've heard that most women have count their husbands as one of the kids too :P

    and I get nervous when i babysit boys. I used to babysit two brothers and they would wrestle all the time! I just had to keep practice taking a breath -because like you said, boys will be boys. They like to be rough and physical. Since you spend so much time with them, i bet you will learn where the line is of being too rough vs. just being a guy! :D

  2. OMG. Daniel would totally do that *runningdownhallways*
    Also. He's rough with Elijah too...he loves it! But fortuantely/unfortuanetly it does not make me nervous...

  3. Also. Where are you guys?! Fun times in a hotel! Hope you're not too bored waiting for him during the day!

  4. I am nowhere near being a mom yet, but I'm sure I will be a major worrywart.

    When I was younger, we lived by a creek and I was always TERRIFIED that my younger brothers would fall in and drown. I got scared every time they went outside because I thought for sure they would wander off and fall in the creek.

    So, I would agree with you. Boys make me nervous, too.