Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes, you don't need any skills.

Hat, tights, and shoes: Target. Earrings: Gift. Shirt: Fashion Bug. Flower Pins: Walmart. Skirt: Thrifted. 

When it comes to not needing skills, I'm talking about this skirt. It wasn't actually a skirt - it was a shirt/dress thing, which didn't fit me, but I loved the print and was determined that I could find some way to wear it. So, I cut off the top part, in hopes that it would fit my bottom half! And it does, so there, you see, you don't always have to skills (such as sewing, which I'd like to have, but don't), sometimes all you need is a pair of scissors! 

Want to see how else to wear colored tights?


  1. Very cute!!! I love this whole look, the hat, the belt, the boots, the skirt, the tights. LOVE. Sharing your link on twitter, thanks so much for playing along with us!! xoxo

  2. way to salvage a great print! no great print should go to waste :) love it! <3

  3. Love it, such a gorgeous look. I adore the stripes mixed with the floral pattern & the coloured tights -SO fab. xx veronika

  4. Love the red tights! It IS a pretty pattern on the dress - what a smart way to keep it in your closet.