Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If it doesn't work, get creative!

Tank and T-shirt: Target. Necklaces: Gift and Ten Thousand Villages. Jeans: Express. Shoes: Famous Footwear. 

That red necklace is normally a choker, but it was doing a bit too choky. A normal person would have probably figure out a way to make that particular necklace longer, but me, in all my creativeness (or my lack of being able to actually make it a real longer necklace) clipped another necklace to the ends of that one. Does that make sense? I think I lost myself. Just know, that its two necklaces. When something doesn't work and you want it to....you find a way.

In other news. 
I'm pretty sure my little one wants to crawl.
Like NOW!
Him and his not even 5 month oldness is getting growing much to fast! 


  1. We both wore red necklaces today. For some reason I had a very strong desire to wear a red necklace today.

  2. Great outfit! Am a huge fan of black and white stripes with red shoes!! Oh and your little man is absolutely adorable.


  3. smart thinking! on another note...SOOOOOO cute! babies grow up so quickly, you are definitely right about that!

  4. Super smart idea with that chocker!! My mind is going through all my necklaces trying to see if I can do that to any of them..

    Freckles in April